KANDID: Will Marriage and Babies Stunt A Woman’s Career Growth?

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Talk show host, Wendy Williams is no stranger to “in your face” kandid conversations about other people’s business.
In a recent interview with Forbes, the wife of 17 years and mother of one, gave her opinion on how marriage and babies can stunt a woman’s career. Williams advised twentysomethings to focus on their professional goals before even thinking about that walk down the aisle.

“We can debate this all day. Every woman has a different view and there are some women who have an opinion and are scared to voice their opinion on it. But I’m not afraid to voice mine– don’t throw tomatoes. I do feel it is difficult for men to accept really successful career women. Whether it be that we out-earn them or our name on the marquee our name is  brighter than theirs or whatever.

I also feel like marriage and babies stunt a woman’s growth, career wise, and they don’t understand once you get married and once you have kids, you cannot do all the things that you used to do while and maintain this important precious thing you’ve built as a family.

So my suggestion to women, as always, you use your entire twenties … work your behind off in your career and get some ground footing and then you think about meeting that guy. Or even if you met him when you were twenty-seven, don’t you get engaged and don’t move to where he is. This is about you and your career. ‘Cause we’re the ones that lose in marriage. Not men.” 

It’s really important that you marry a guy with a full working understanding in terms of what you’re career is right now, where you want to be.

In my opinion, mostly I think she’s right. First off, I think back to the man I thought I would marry in my 20’s..SMDH–What the heck was I thinking?

Secondly, I spent way too much time buying into this white picket fence story and worrying about not finding the right guy.

Now, here’s where I disagree slightly. If by chance you meet someone in your 20’s who has a full understanding of partnership–I say go for it. Why wait? If you have to move–I say go for it, as long as you don’t loose sight of your goals. Any real partner would make sure both of you are actively working towards your goals.

I’m a fan of Wendy. I’ve followed her since her radio days on Hot 97. I love her hustle. And most times I believe she says what most people are afraid to say. Do I agree with everything she says, absolutely not. But in this case, I think she makes some very valid points.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

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