Ready For a New You? When Was the Last Time You Tried Something For the First Time?

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Hey lovelies! I had a fun and fulfilling jam-packed weekend. It started on Thursday with a Taste of South Africa at Kaia Wine Bar in New York City. Yours truly dined on everything from beef tongue and pork belly to some of the best South African wines from the region—of course, I’ll recap that later. Then, I spent my weekend interviewing over 15 young girls and their parents for Girls Going Global Summer Camp taking place in Belize, July 2016. And although we’re still knee-deep in virtual and in-person interviews, I wanted to share my epiphany.

During the interview process, we (the lovely ladies and I pictured above) ask the girls (ages 13-17) to tell us about a time they did something new or different? It’s a typical behavior based interview questions used to reveal their ability to adapt, take a risk and step outside of their comfort zone.

But I must admit, I had to check myself. Thankfully, I recently devoured beef tongue” at Kaia Wine Bar, so I was good. But listening to these girls’ experiences with eating “grasshopper guacamole” (Ummm yeah, never knew that existed), trying out for the swim team, and owning their truth by embracing their religious beliefs openly, made me realize, even as adults, it’s so easy for us to get stuck in the same ol’ routine—you know familiar faces, places, foods, etc. Staying in the same routine can leave you bored and less confident.

Someone tweeted this the other day and I couldn’t agree more:

Trying new things or daring to stand out amongst the crowd, boost your confidence. And my weekend with the girls made me jot down a few new things I need to try. Skydiving anyone?

Any who, here’s my question for you (because I got to get back to work y’all): When was the last time you did something new or different? Drop me a comment in the section below!

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