• Dreaming about taking your career to the next level, but you’re confused about how to get started?


  • Ready to stand out from the competition and make yourself more marketable for media attention, speaking engagements, sponsors, and clients?


  • Need help communicating the value you bring to the table, but you’re struggling with self-confidence?


Pssssssst. You’ve reached the right place. 


I designed the visibility masterclass for 9-5ers and entrepreneurs who are ready to package, position and profit from their expertise.   In my 6-week visibility master class, I will teach you how to


  • Get over your fear of public speaking and self-promotion.
  • Connect with your ideal target audience through storytelling and social media.
  • Clarify and confidently communicate your ideas and services to customers, employees and c-suite executives.
  • Prepare and pitch yourself to journalists, investors, and sponsors.
  • Leverage social media, press coverage,  speaking engagements, and partnerships to expand your presence globally.

 So if you’re tired of feeling frustrated because you don’t know how to get started on your dreams and you can’t find the right words to communicate your stand out factor, this masterclass is for you. 

Stop scrolling endlessly through posts for answers because it only leaves you comparing yourself to others on social media and paralyzed by uncertainty.

Most importantly, stop winging it because you can’t shortcut your way to success.

Kandia Johnson

In this masterclass,  you’ll walk away with:

  • A 90 ways in 90 days strategic roadmap for creating killer content, marketing yourself to the right people, growing your audience, and increasing your influence in your field.
  • Email scripts, tools, and templates for pitching yourself for media coverage and speaking engagement opportunities. 
  • A customized pitch that clearly communicates your stand out factor in 2 minutes or less.
  • Ideas to package and promote your “stand out factor” through social media campaigns and events.
  • A calendar for planning quality content, connecting with influential leaders in your field and engaging with your audience. 

This class is the result of my 15 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies increase awareness about their programs and services, my journey from employee to entrepreneur, and lessons learned from interviewing over 150 entrepreneurs for media publications. Plus I’ve taught hundreds of employees how to confidently communicate their ideas to clients and c-suite executives.  You can learn more about my clients here. But now I’m ready to help you level-up.


This online masterclass is for you if you’re ready to:


  • Gain clarity and confidence in the value you bring to the table.


  • Get action steps on what it takes to turn your expertise into a marketable brand or business. 


  • Discover your target audience and build a community around your expertise, values, and beliefs.


  • Make yourself more attractive to potential clients, employers, investors, and journalists.


  • Tell your story in such a way that it empowers your target audience to take action.


  • Leverage social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your work and get discovered. 


My goal is simple, help as many 9-5er’s and entrepreneurs become recognized leaders in the workplace and influential voices within their industry. As a result, I’ve helped my clients grow their businesses, attract paid speaking engagements, launch global conferences, get booked on TV shows, and land features in print and online publications. 



Ready to  Stand Out From The Crowd? 


Here’s how the 6-week class works:

  • Weekly live group sessions via Zoom video conferencing
  • 6 weekly exercises
  • 1 mastermind session with an industry insider 
  • Recorded video & audio lessons 
  • 2  1:1 sessions with Kandia 
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group 
  • Updates for media and speaking opportunities (60 days after the master class takes place)




Are you ready to level up in your career? 

REGISTRATION IS ClOSED for 2017. But we’ll be back in January 2018.  Get on the waiting list: Email hello@kandiajohnson.com  with the subject I’m Ready To Stand Out .