Ladies, Let’s Stop Overlooking These Key Skills

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When it comes to advancing in your career, there are a few unwritten rules for success that rarely make headlines–especially for women. 

Check out a few of the most overlooked skills you need to succeed in life and business:


Communication, Networking & Negotiation Skills  

No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in you.

Listen, everybody claims they’re ready for a seat at the table, but are you really prepared to speak up for yourself when you get there?

A  lack confidence and imposter syndrome are everyday struggles for many women. Although confidence doesn’t happen overnight, every week you’ll have to give yourself permission to build your confidence muscle.  Ask for the salary rate that scares you.  Speak up during meetings but be aware of words and phrases which undermine your authority. For instance, “I kind of think, “probably,” “basically,” “I just wanted to”.


Always be prepared to make the ask.

It’s no secret, the wage gap still exists. But one partial solution to the problem is more women need to make the ask—especially when it comes to negotiating your salary and benefits.


One mentor just isn’t enough. You need a career squad.

A team of individuals who have different roles and skill sets that allow them to guide, support and advocate on your behalf.   


Strategic Thinking & Emotional Intelligence Skills 


Getting promoted isn’t just about working hard.

As you climb the ladder of success, your emotional intelligence will become even more important than your ability to get the job done. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is defined as your ability to be aware of and to manage emotions in ourselves and others. It’s also about understanding your hot buttons, aligning your actions with a higher purpose and choosing your thoughts, feelings, and actions wisely to maintain relationships.


Lateral moves can be your best moves.

Getting a big promotion is a goal for many people. But don’t underestimate the power of a lateral move, which could increase your skill set, enhance your capabilities and give you more visibility at work.


Investing Skills 

Your best investment is in yourself. Make it a habit.

 Schedule a 5-minute daily self-care routine such as meditation, create more than you consume by limiting your social media and TV watch time, build relationships with people outside of your comfort zone, and travel the world to expand your perspectives as an influencer in your field. Oh and don’t forget to stay in the know about wealth building and financial investing as well. 

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