Join Me! Glambitious Tour Coming to NYC

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Why continue living vicariously through the life of someone else, when you can live vicariously through yourself?” “How can we keep ourselves in tune with our core, in a true state of balance without comparing ourselves to the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter lives of our peers?” Well, if these questions have ever crossed your mind, join me for an afternoon of empowerment, giveaways and a booksigning in New York City on Sunday, September 21 at “The Delancey.”

Lilie Mae, our host, founder of Lilie Mae PR,  and author of “Glambitious: How to Live Vicariously Through Yourself,  defines “Glambitious” as having a strong desire and determination to succeed while projecting inherent beauty and enchantment. With stops in Atlanta, Philadelphia, DC and now New York, she’s taken her book on a nationwide city tour. And, yours truly couldn’t be any more excited about moderating this glambitious panel of trailblazers who have cornered the markets in magazine publishing, mass communications,  television and beauty.

Here’s the rundown on my panel:

  • Afrika Miranda– Labeled a triple threat by Bravo TV, Afrika is a singer and model and is turning heads in Atlanta. Additionally, she is the co-creator of the live concept show ‘The Lipstick Junkies’ and the face of several international hair campaigns.”
  • Natanya Bravo – covers markets and events for Uptown Magazine in various markets throughout the US with clients including BMW, Colgate, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Grey Goose, Gillette, Lexus, and others.
  • Danielle Young– Lifestyle Editor for Hello Beautiful. Her larger-than-life personality covers everything from travel to food to celebrity culture; you’ll never be bored with her stories.
  • Genese Jamilah – self – proclaimed, side eye artist and the creative genius behind “I Don’t DO Clubs,” the blog and mobile app that brings you the best after work mixers, brunches and day parties. And, she is a Production Manager for Digital Content at Ebony Magazine. You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking.Where does she find the time?!

We’re prepared to chat about everything from balancing relationships and motherhood to making sacrifices and discovering tips to turn your passions to profit. So if you’re always haunted by the question, “How’d She Do it?”…Join me!


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