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Sherri Shepherd and Keke Palmer on Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media

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Do you ever worry about receiving negative comments on social media? Have you ever failed to share your point of view or business services on Facebook or Twitter because you’re afraid of what people will say?

Well let me be the first to admit, I outright refused to join Twitter, until two years ago–146 characters was too much power for negative trolls.

Initially, Facebook warmed my heart because it enabled me to reconnect with classmates. But my heart hardened once I realized the number of whiners and attention seekers using Facebook for therapy.

Overall, I was simply afraid of being judged by family, friends, my first grade teacher, Idris Elba ( I know he’s watching :-), Oprah,–I think you get the picture. Social media can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded people. Regardless of their celebrity status, time zone, culture or title within a company, you can spread awareness about your brand, grow your business and build a community of followers around something you believe in.

On the other hand, social media leaves you vulnerable for 24 hours a day. There is always the potential for an attack on your character.  Maybe it’s the #ThrowBackThursday picture of you drunk in college or maybe an ex boyfriend or girlfriend decides to tell their version of your truth. Or maybe some misinterpreted something you’ve said.

Whatever the case is, most of us have probably had to get over our fears of what could go wrong when updating one of our favorite social media channels.

So, imagine if you were a person with over 1 million followers across social media platforms.  I had the pleasure of attending the Activate 2k14, women’s empowerment conference in New York City. Sheri Sheppard and Keke Palmer graced the stage and “kandidly” let the audience know how they handle negativity on social media.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Sometimes we need a little more encouragement to get over our fears. So I’ve also gathered these great articles about getting over social media anxiety:

Have you experienced negativity on social media? What are your thoughts about handling negative comments?

Peace, Love and Lessons!


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