Rule Breakers We Love: Watch Adele Carpool Karoake

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I’ll let you in on a little secret— Sometimes, I like to describe myself as a classy, conservative girl with just a touch (maybe more) of the ‘hood’ in her. On any given day, I can go from watching T.D. Jakes and quoting bible scriptures to listening to Jay Z’s “F**ck With Me You Know I Got it (cues Rick Ross).” And I’m unapologetic about that.

So when I come across another woman who’s gorgeous, classy and smart yet gives no dambs (btw…spelled the way I like it) about throwing her hands up in the air and dropping an ‘F’ bomb every now and then—I get chills!  The uber talented Adele recently revealed her ratchet side by rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from Kanye West’s hit song Monster during Carpool Karaoke–and I literally died. You’ll clearly see why she’s a woman after my rebelistic heart.

Seriously, who disappears from the public eye for 3 years, delivers a bouncing baby boy, returns to the limelight and drops an album—which sells 3.38 million in sales during the first week?!” And according to Billboard, 25 is the first album to sell more than 3 million copies in a week in Nielsen history, and only the second to surpass 2 million sold in a single frame.

Let’s not even talk about how she refused to let Spotify and Apple Music stream her album. And guess what she still kicked ass in sales. But beyond her ability to blow the roof off of a building with her vocals, she’s consistently marched to the beat of her own drum—cliché but well-known FACT.

During an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine she dropped these gems for rule breakers:

On her career:

She still sees herself as  “some random girl from London.”
“My career’s not my life,” she says. “It’s my hobby.”

On working out:
“I’d never deprive myself (of carbs) like that!” and hitting the gym, “to get in shape for myself, but not to be a size zero or anything like that.” I’m not, like, skipping to the fucking gym. I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror. Blood vessels burst on my face really easily, so I’m so conscious when I’m lifting weights not to let them burst in my face. And if I don’t tour, you’ll catch me back down at the Chinese!”

On motherhood:
“He’s a little angel,” she says. “All the things I really like about myself, he brings out in me, and he’s the only person that tells me no. He completely rules me. He’s the boss of me, and it’s so funny for other people to watch because I’m the boss of everything in my work life.”

On having a squad:
“I’ve heard about a squad,” she says with an amused snort. “I wish my squad was all supermodels. We are, in our brains. I guess I have my own squad.” She pronounces the word in a comical American accent. “It’s not as interesting as some of the other squads that are around right now.” She brightens. “But maybe Rihanna can be in my squad! That would be really cool. Oh, God. She’s life itself, isn’t she? I love her.”

Ha! We love RiRi as well! Let’s give Adele a hearty welcome to the Rule breakers club, Please!


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