I’m Featured: Redefining Success On Your Own Terms

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I had the pleasure of chatting with David Mammano from the  Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m always amazed at how my biggest setbacks have turned into my greatest opportunities for success.  Real talk people: most times I feel awkward when someone quotes me, but nonetheless, I’m always flattered and humbled to share my experiences in hopes it will help someone redefine success on their own terms. 

[Tweet Failure is not a period. I look at failure as feedback for the come up in your life.]


Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode: 

  • The moment when Kandia decided to leave her corporate job to be an entrepreneur
  • How writing for Black Enterprise magazine helped Kandia find her niche
  • Redefining success and the important feedback of failure
  • How honest feedback helped Kandia go from standing in line for food stamps to being a successful entrepreneur
  • The importance of your daily routine
  • Kandia’s schedule as an example of good habits
  • Work-life integration instead of work-life balance
  • Tips to building your network
  • Sacrifice as part of the entrepreneur equation

You can listen here and subscribe here. 

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