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Rebels with a Cause

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Rebels Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, ImanI’m in awe of this W magazine spread for many reasons. I live for Rihanna’s rebellious spirit, Naomi’s unapologetic attitude and Iman’s ability to reinvent herself.  Rihanna, 26, Naomi Campbell, 44, and Iman, 59. Three generations of beauty collided to show us  that they are here for anything in this world that makes them stronger.

Rebels, Revolutionaries & Rulebreakers

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

Iman couldn’t find make up to match her complexion so she started Iman Cosmetics for women of color.

Rihanna, noted for her effortless ability to redefine classic style, parlayed her “Good Girl, Gone Bad” image into clothing, makeup, and a CFDA Style Icon award.

Naomi’s famously outspoken attitude and confident run way walk has broken racial barriers around the world.

Let me be clear, it’s never about that thing you do, it’s about your message. So many people don’t achieve what they want out of life because they are afraid of being judged. Or maybe they’re too busy trying to fulfill other people’s expectations.

There comes a time when you just have to say enough with being a second-rate version of someone else. Whether you’re looking for a more meaningful relationship or a new career, listen to your heart. Be unapologetic about who you are and courageous enough to relentlessly pursue your dreams.

Deep down inside, I think all of us need a little bit of Naomi, Rihanna or Iman.


What people think about me is their business and not mine. Naomi Campbell

Rihanna Iman
image courtesy of W magazine

The truth is you don’t have to be a cover girl to leave your mark on your world. Success comes for those of us who learn how to endure. Remain curios about life. We all make mistakes, so be who you are with no excuses. Find your voice, tell your story and autograph your life with excellence.

Everybody is going to die; it’s up to you to determine your path to getting there.

How can you add value? What are you going to do today, to challenge the status quo?

Peace, Love & Lessons Everyone!


Rihanna, Naomi, Iman   Rihanna W cover

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