{Podcast} Ready to Level Up In Your Career? Become the Connect, Stop Looking For One

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Recently I was interviewed for a podcast and the interviewer asked me about some habits that make me successful as an entrepreneur.


Immediately, I thought about the time I dedicate to building and nurturing my network of badassery (yep you read that right)–my personal board of advisors, rule breakers, investors, mentors, and supporters.


Seriously, a large part of my success in business has come from building relationships with a diverse group of people who challenged me to level up in life. From landing my first 2 global speaking engagements in Nigeria & Kenya to working 1:1 with clients and hosting virtual group classes with participants from South Africa, Uganda, and Nairobi. 



Sure, I know success is subjective, but whatever your definition of success is–here’s what I know for sure, the right relationships can take you places money cant.


The key is you have to be strategic about finding ways to add value to your network.

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A simple mindset shift about the word “networking” has helped my career tremendously. For instance, while most people go into a networking event thinking “Who can I meet? & What can I get from them?” I attend events or make new social media connections thinking, “Who is this person beyond their job description and how can I add value to this person’s life?” In my world, meeting new people is an opportunity to serve something greater than myself.

So whether you’re building a business or looking to climb the corporate ladder of success— you have to make building mutually beneficial relationships a part of your weekly plan. In this podcast, you’ll learn:
• Weekly habits to grow your network and increase your influence
• Ways to build strong genuine relationships
• What to do before you attend an event
• How to start a conversation at a networking event
• How to become a super connector

My hope is that you can practice these strategies in real life. In fact, if you have some game changing relationship building tips or advice, listen to the podcast and drop me a comment!

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