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Introducing She Deserves More: Career Support & Mentor Matching for Women

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I know I’ve been “missing in action” around here,  but your girl has been cheating on you with my new initiative She Deserves More, a masterclass series and mentor matching program for women.  With She Deserves More I’m on a mission to help you build your self- confidence, increase your visibility and gain access to mentors who can help you get noticed in your career and paid what you’re worth.  

Since I launched She Deserves More, Forbes spotlighted the initiative in ” 3 Reasons Why Women Need Professional Mentorship.” Plus Sheen Magazine featured me as a Woman To Watch in 2018 and gave me the chance to talk about the backstory of She Deserves More. 

So listen, It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

From reviewing applications from candidates in Canada, Kenya, Virginia, New York and California to recruiting trailblazing mentors representing various industries,  I couldn’t be any more excited for what’s to come. Are you ready to position yourself for more income, wealth and connections to trailblazers around the world? Ready for more speaking engagements and media attention in 2018? Looking for accountability, structure, and step-by-step guidance to market yourself with clarity and confidence?

Kandia Johnson

You can join my She Deserves More Facebook Community where you can participate in my weekly (free) virtual Happy Hour events.  January and February hot topics include:

1. Self-care and managing your time so you can get ish done. 
2. 4 ways to stand out in your career, position yourself as an expert and attract clients.
3. How to use social media to network, attract your audience and build meaningful relationships. Plus how to take online relationships offline.

Although we’ve started our group program, our virtual masterclass series launches in February, class prices will start at $27,  so feel free to sign up for topics, dates and times.  

In case you are late to the KandiaJohnson.com party, in 2012, I quit my six-figure corporate job for a life on my own terms. So I know first hand what it takes to reinvent yourself and turn your expertise into income, impact, and influence. I’ve conducted workshops across the U.S. and Africa teaching 9-5er’s and entrepreneurs how to stand out from the crowd and position themselves for job promotions, TV and radio interviews, speaking engagements, and magazine publications. Plus I’ve landed features and published articles in publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine, Forbes, XeNecole, Diversity Woman, Business Insider, Sheen Magazine and more.

And one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is: “You can’t take your career to the next level alone.”

But hey enough about me, are you ready for the level up in 2018?  Visit SheDeservesMore.org  to learn more or email me directly hello@shedeservesmore.org.


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