Four Years After I Quit My Six-Figure Job, Here’s How I’m Celebrating.

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It’s been 4 years since I quit my six-figure corporate job. So over the last few weeks, your girl has been thinking about ways she should celebrate: 


  • Dinner Party
  • Happy Hour
  • Weekend getaway 
  • Skydiving
  • Drastic haircut
  • South African safari or Great Wall of China


But you know what? None of these ideas seemed to satisfy me. But a few weeks ago while I was road tripping from Virginia to New York,   I started to think about all of the things I wish I would have known 4 years ago.

Bare with me for a moment, while I take you back down memory lane. 

You can also listen to the Podcast here. 

Year 1 & 2: The Years of Self Doubt and Self Sabotage

I failed at attracting clients because I lacked the confidence to promote myself or my work. 


I had no social media presence nor did I know any women who decided to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. 


I was clueless about the daily routine, habits, and processes that would help me make money every day. 


I fell into the comparison trap on social media which left me with information overload. 


I severely undercharged my rate because I didn’t have a clue about pricing or packaging my services. 


Real talk—I needed someone to tell me:

“Kandia, Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the Internet. Stop overthinking and talking yourself out of ish….and just STEP your damn game up.”


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in regrets.  


But I do believe in taking your lessons and paying them forward because over the last 4 years my connections and relationships saved my career.


Year 3 & 4  Clueless but Life is an Experiment. Everything is Figureoutable. 

So, I’m happy to announce that I’m celebrating  my Quitervesary with the launch of  the She Deserves More Project, a mentorship, mastermind, and masterclass series to help you position yourself for:  

  • More visibility.
  • More wealth.
  • More connections to women mentors, investors, and partners around the world. 



She Deserves More is The Support  System I wish I had. 


Over the last year and a half, I’ve conducted over 70 corporate workshops focused on communications and leadership development

I also launched an online visibility masterclass to teach people how to become influential leaders in their industry.


I’ve helped my clients’ position and market themselves for global careers and initiatives, TV and radio as well as speaking engagements, magazine features, and online news publications. Plus I’ve written about many women changemakers and entrepreneurs who have redefined success on their own terms for publications like Black Enterprise Magazine. 


Throughout it all, I’ve reached entrepreneurs, innovators, employees,  managers, creatives, and executives throughout the United States and Africa. 


But sadly, I recognized a recurring theme. 


Lack of Confidence and Resources Are The Hidden Struggles for Ambitious Women–especially women of color. 

These insecurities can prevent you from: 

  • Negotiating a financial deal, salary raise or promotion so you can get paid your worth
  • Confidently pitching yourself for a new role or business opportunity
  • Getting media exposure and speaking engagements 
  • Turning your ideas into a profitable business
  • Developing the right relationships which can help advance your career


Ultimately, She Deserves More is the resource I wish I had when I wanted to learn how to make a major career & life change, communicate my value and stand out from the crowd. 


It’s the plug to partners who I needed when I wanted to take my brand and business to Africa.


It’s the access to mentors I wish I had when I hit a wall while climbing the ladder of success in corporate America.


It’s also a partial solution to the gender pay gap and a response to studies such as the Women in the Workplace survey which reports women, particularly women of color are less supported at work. The study points out that women remain underrepresented at every level in corporate America, despite earning more college degrees than men for thirty years and counting.”  So yes, there is a pressing need to do more.

Kandia Johnson She Deserves More 

So, what’s next? 


Over the last few weeks, I’ve recruited a few trailblazing women across several industries including culinary, technology, beauty, modeling, finance and media. These women have agreed to be apart of my mentor matching program or my masterclasses–mostly geared towards mid-career women who are often neglected when it comes to support. 


Seeing more women behind the scenes taking the risk and making bold moves is another opportunity for women to break barriers.


Here’s how you can get involved with The She Deserves More Project:

  1. Join the She Deserves More Free Facebook Group for updates and training. 
  2. Apply for the 3-month mentorship and mastermind program for hands-on support and accountability as you build your business and level up in your career. Applications open December 4.  The official program starts January 25. You can expect weekly FB lives,  a series of masterclasses, virtual happy hours and meetups with some incredibly badass women in business and leadership positions around the world.  In fact, a few of these women saved ME from myself!


You can also listen to the Podcast here. 


Are you in?


Love, Light, & trailblazing vibes!

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