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{New Podcast} How I Quit My Job & Pressed the Reset Button on My Life

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I was in my mid 30’s when I decided to hit the reset button on my career. But don’t get it twisted, it took me years to find the courage to take action.

You see, I was raised during The Cosby Show & A Different World era of TV shows. So I was torn between traditional rules of career success and my personal definition of success. In fact, watching “The Huxtables” influenced my dreams of having an all-American family, and  “A Different World” inspired me to leave the comforts of my childhood home in Brooklyn, NY, to attend Delaware State University, a historically black college located in Dover, DE.


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So other than watching a few TV shows, I didn’t see many different examples of successful women who looked like me. I certainly didn’t know anyone who veered “off the familiar career path.”

{Enter my sarcastic voice}

“Create your own opportunities? Carve your own career path to success? Girl Boss? Who does that? How do they do it? College right?! “College is the end all be all to  love and happiness.”  

Silly, young me, wholeheartedly believed that if I did everything “society” says you should do by the age of 25, I would be happy.

Masters Degree–check.

Great corporate job with benefits–check.

House and nice car–check.

I didn’t find the husband yet (but hey y’all, let’s have a moment of silence and speak him into existence ).

Anywho, I was just a six-figure miserable chick who hid behind degrees and titles, yet traveled the world with a smile.

Cairo, Egypt 2009

But eventually, the corporate rat race got the best of me. I couldn’t shake this familiar, yet indescribable “feeling” of not fitting in and wanting more for my life.

There was something about sitting in a cubicle all day that left me feeling like I was in jail. There was something about competing for a title/promotion (that I didn’t want) that left me depressed.

I also struggled with the idea of having the “All American family.” Marriage was a non-negotiable for me, but I wasn’t too sure about having children.

And I couldn’t escape the question, “So, when are you going to have kids?  {Kanye shrug} Heck I don’ t even know who I am anymore? How could I be someone’s mom?}.

Seriously what would people think? And why did I care?


Kandid ConversationsFinally,  I got tired of my own BS—the lies and excuses I told myself for WHY I couldn’t live life on my own terms.  So I gave up the trappings of “success” and quit the corporate rat race. I  explored my curiosity and found  this smart, bold and unapologetic woman who could make her own magic and create a life on her own terms.

Believe me, it’s easier said than done. It took about 3 years of struggle, sacrifice, uncertainty, fear, hair loss and anxiety attacks, but I found her. She’s a breath of fresh air and she’s a mess but she’s magic.” Far from perfect, yet perfectly flawed.

I  launched the Kandid Conversations podcast because too many of us, especially women, are playing it safe in life and working towards someone else’s definition of success. I wanted to do a better job at showcasing the different examples of success, along with the the sacrifices and struggles that are often left out of success stories.

Throughout my journey, I’ve also met an army of multifaceted women who gave themselves permission to redefine success on their own terms. You’ll meet them in future episodes.




It is my hope that this podcast sends the message to someone that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. It’s my hope that it provides empowering stories, tips and tools to take one small step each day towards your dreams.

And ultimately, I pray that it champions badassery in women around the world.

My very first episode tells you about the moment that made me say “I Quit,” what happened when my bank account went negative,  and how I managed to snag my first few clients. Listen to my very first podcast and drop me a line to let me know what you think.

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