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6 Ways You’re Leaving Money on The Table

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Imagine you’ve taken the necessary steps to build your online presence—you’ve taken professional pictures, set-up a basic website and social media profiles, and even formed an LLC for your business. But then you hit a stand still.


Right now, you’re trying to figure out where your audience is because your business is moving at a snail’s pace. Nobody contacts you about your services. Nobody invites you to speak at their events. And now you’re stuck on what to do next because you truly believe you’ve got something great –but “great” ain’t paying the bills (Yes, I meant “ain”t).


Well first off, congrats. Seriously, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re a lot further than most people.  But there’s a lot more work to do.


Check out 6 ways you may be leaving money on the table:


1.You’re not clearly communicating your value.

When someone visits your website or stumbles across your social media profile you have about 3-5 seconds to capture their attention. Your ‘value add’ should be visible on all of your social profiles. It should clearly state: Who you are, who you help and how do you help them; specifically, what are the results or outcomes people can expect from working with you?

You should also have a place on your website or social media page, where your network speaks for you through web testimonials or LinkedIn recommendations. Remember, when it comes to turning your expertise into income, it’s not enough to sell your accomplishments or a laundry list of skills because people don’t pay for your skills they pay you to solve their problems. If you’re struggling to communicate the unique value you bring to the table? Download my free brand clarity brain dump below.

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2. You’re not building an email list. 

Your email list is your moneymaker. It’s the best way to communicate directly with your potential customers, investors, and/or supporters. It gives you a great opportunity to build community and sell your products or services directly to your audience. Mail Chimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact are a few of the popular email marketing providers. But before you run off to download one of these applications ask yourself: “Why should someone sign up for my list?


3. You’re not using any content upgrades on your website.

According to passive, a content upgrade is simply bonus content that people can get access to in exchange for their email address. A content upgrade is like offering a guest who visits your home a drink. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and make them feel comfortable in your digital home. Content upgrades can be placed strategically in blog posts, pages or on the sidebar of your website. A printable template, checklist, access to a free webinar or mini-course, are just a few examples of helpful tools and resources you can provide for your audience.

4. You’re not using Google analytics.

Listen, not using Google Analytics is like standing in the middle of Times Square New York and throwing money in the air. Google analytics tells you who your audience is, which social media accounts are bringing you the most traffic, which pages/post your audience is looking at, where they live and more! From my Google analytics dashboard, I learned my audience loved my blog post about how I quit my six-figure job, so I used this information as motivation to write my eBook. My analytics reports also helped me figure out where to include freebies on my website. If you want to figure out where you should invest your marketing dollars—you have to make analytics a part of your marketing and growth strategy.


5. You don’t have a call to action on your website.

Sure you may have an email address, a phone number, and a contact form, but what’s next? Sign-up Now, Download, and Buy My eBook are just a few examples of simple but effective call to action examples. Check out “How To Write a Cal to Action Template.

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6. You have a poor man’s mindset.

Although there are many levels to the poor man’s mindset—I’ll stick with a few of the common thoughts:

  • You won’t ask for help because you think you can “do it all.” Earlier this year I  had to retire my superwoman suit. Seriously, “doing it all” left me feeling stressed burned out, and struggling to make deadlines. So know when it’s time to fire yourself. Invest in automation tools like Coschedule for social media marketing or Quickbooks for accounts payable, invoices etc. Additionally, you might want to hire a P/T virtual assistant so you can delegate routine tasks and get focused  on activities that drive revenue.
  • You think you can make success happen with the same tried and failed habits from your past.  Simply put, “Success can be found in your daily habits.”
  • You only see opportunity when a dollar is attached to it. Listen, I’m not saying you should work for free. But sometimes “the experience” trumps a dollar. And when it comes to your network,  relationships are currency.


Can you think of any other ways someone might be leaving money on the table? Drop me a line or two below.

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