When All Hell Breaks Loose, Do This.

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About 2 years ago, I was locked up abroad in Nairobi, Kenya. 


Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an over exaggeration but bear with me for a minute.
Picture it: You’ve spent a wonderful 10 days in Nairobi touring the African safari, eating delicious food and speaking at an amazing empowerment conference.


Now you’re ubering it to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport so you can get back home to the good ol USA.


Finally, you arrive at airport security with heavy luggage in tow, pull out your passport to show the agent and suddenly realize you’ve got someone else’s passport.
Two seconds later—you hear the words that will change your life forevaaaaa—” Sorry ma’am, we can’t let you return to the U.S. with this passport. This is not you. Where is your passport?” 


Summer 2016: That was me. 


In one second flat, I went from dazed and confused to livid and out of my mind.


While I frantically searched my luggage, throwing around my underwear, sandals, sundresses, toothbrush—the snot nose tears started.  My passport was nowhere to be found.  


Next thing you know,  I watched my friends walk through airport security without lil ol me—and I.LOST.IT. Right in the middle of the airport. 


In my mind—I was locked up abroad.


In my head, my life was over.


But in reality—I just allowed my mind to focus on the crazy, negative and worst thing that could happen. 


In hindsight, was it really that bad?


Nope, not at all.  


You see, I had Charles, the Airport Services Duty Officer, who was sure I would find my passport the next day. He even gave me his direct cell phone number and promised to put me on another flight at no extra charge. 


BTW. Shout out to “Qatar Airways” for the awesome customer service.  


I also made a few new friends in Nairobi. So 1.5 hours later my friend Ken arrived at the airport to take me to the police station and file a report. That night, we had a lovely dinner and chatted about everything from business to culture and dating. 


Then my rock star new friend Divine—welcomed me back to her beautiful apartment and gave me all night access to a full cabinet of sangria ingredients. WooHOO because this situation called for some heavy drinks to get my mind right and figure out my new life while “locked up in Kenya”.


The next day my friends hired an Uber driver for the day to help me retrace my steps. From the safari and giraffe center to the conference location, we looked everywhere.  Thanks to Facebook, we found the guy who’s passport I had. And we finally found my passport at the security center of a WeWork type space, where I attended an event. Apparently, they mistakenly mixed up my passport with someone else.


To make a long story short, look at GAWWD.


Twenty four hours later–Charles met me at the airport gate and rushed me through security for my evening flight home. 


So here’s the thing: 


You can be a Saint and do everything right in life, and things will still go wrong. Simply because they will. You’re human, right? 


The key is to control your thoughts. 


Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. So watch how you speak to yourself.


Most importantly, your feelings aren’t facts so you don’t have to believe everything you think.  


Over the last year, I’ve trained my mind to say one sentence which forces me to find the good in everything–regardless of the situation.



“The beauty of the situation is__________________________________.”


I say this everytime all hell breaks loose.


I’ve said it while sitting in an ambulance, sleeping with my mom in a hospital intensive care room, and even while lying in bed at night with anxiety about my next steps in life and business.


I repeat it again and again, like a mantra. And it forces me to find one good thing that’s happening at that moment—then I get insanely focused on that. And you should too.

Love, light and trailblazing vibes! 



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