Why It’s Okay To Be A Quitter

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Who said, “Winners Never Quit, Quitters never win?” Lies. All lies, I tell y’all. Sometimes, saying ” I Quit” can take your life to unimaginable levels.


When I look back over my journey to becoming all of who I was meant to be– flaws and all, I realized when I uttered the words “I Quit” or “Eff this I’m out,” I had a breakthrough in my life.


Seriously. When I said “I Quit,” to a job that was dead set on calling the shots on where I lived and who I lived with, I found the #Girlboss who was willing to hustle, grind and sacrifice for a life on her own terms.


When I said “I quit” to people who hurt or betrayed me, I found the courageous woman who became comfortable walking alone and unapologetic about declining people’s invitation to mediocrity.


When I said “I Quit” to doing things that made other people happy. God opened doors for me to do new things like travel to a few ahhhhmazing places across the country. And, during those moments alone I had no choice but to get outside of my comfort zone and meet some dope, like-minded people.


My point is, sometimes it’s okay to say “I Quit”–just as long as you never quit on yourself.”


All of us long for that moment when we feel blissfully happy and at peace with everything going on our lives, but honestly, that may never happen unless you learn to say “I quit”. Quit your hurt. Quit your discomfort. And quit wearing the mask that says “I’m okay with this”–because it’s sad to live a safe life which makes other people comfortable.It’s sad to dim you light just to make other people shine.



Seriously, it’s time to elevate, because there are no second chances in life.  Saying “I Quit,” can give you the love that you deserve, the job that you dream about and the peace that you desire. So push yourself. Do it for you–because sometimes when you say I QUIT, –the magic of life can begin. 






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