21 Powerful Ways to Get Noticed

21 Powerful Ways to Get Noticed

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Every day, there are a gazillion people using the Internet. So if you’re looking to get noticed by the right people in your industry, just being visible online isn’t going to cut it. You’ll have to get clear about your key messages, select the right mix of online and offline strategies to attract an audience, and most importantly, you’ll have to consistently feed the beast —be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Oh believe me I get it, social media can be overwhelming and downright distracting, so I’m certainly not saying you should be on every social media channel—because “ain’t nobody got time for that.” But, you should choose at least 1-2 networks and master them. Because not using social media is like throwing money in the air for anyone to grab—and seriously who does that?

So, at the very least I’m going to assume that you have a website—a home online which communicates who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to your audience. Next, let’s check out 21 powerful ways to get noticed in your industry.

  1. Share your story – Do you have a compelling story about how you turned a setback into success? What are your pet peeves in your industry? Why do you do what you do? What do you want to be known for? Authenticity is the new name of the game. Challenging commonly held beliefs and sharing your point of view can help you attract followers, customers, investors, journalist and more.
  2. Repurpose your content across your social networks –  Here’s how it works: Write an article for your blog, pull a quotable from your article and create a photo with a quote for Instagram. Then you can go Live on Facebook to interact with your audience about the same topic. For Twitter, you can  Tweet short tips from your article. You can also include a content upgrade like a daily checklist as a resource for your audience to download and subscribe to your mailing list.  Canva.com is easy to use application for creating stunning social media graphics.
  3. Leverage popular hashtags to promote what you do and grow your online community – Using the #MotivationMonday hashtag, you can Tweet some lessons learned in business or drop a few inspiring words for your followers.   You can also hijack the #TransformationTuesday hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and host “Ask Me Anything” or “How She Did it” Facebook Livestream segments around certain topics. Also when posting content on Instagram remember to the search function to find and include relevant hashtags. Also,  hash tig fy.me is another way for finding top influencers and hashtags in your industry.             
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    Learn how to clearly communicate your value and set yourself apart from the gazillion other people in your industry.
  4. Incorporate social good into your personal brand – Whether it’s planning an empowerment conference to change the conversation about women of color in technology or launching a campaign to help put an end to the silence and stigma around HIV, social causes are a great way to bring awareness to your business or personal brand. Educate your audience about these issues by creating content that empowers them to take action such as sharing a campaign with their networks, donating to a cause or becoming a brand ambassador.
  5. Add a sign-up form to your website – Communicate directly with your audience by building your email list. Whether you’re ready to launch a book, promote your webinar, or share a special offer about your services,  you can use your mailing list to sell directly to your audience.And quite frankly, it’s your money maker. Create a free giveaway such as a checklist or ebook to go along with your sign-up form. You’ll need an email service provider like Mail Chimp or Aweber and a sign-up form widget (I use Mail Chimp and Magic Action Box ).
  6. Cross-promote your social profiles and blog post – For instance, if you’re doing a Periscope Livestream, you might want to announce to your followers that they can sign up on your website for an exclusive offer or freebie.
  7. Live stream your life behind the scenes via Instagram Stories, Snapchat or Periscope –  Give your audience a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in your life. Alternatively, you can use live streaming to get feedback from your audience or test your business ideas.
  8. Network online and offline with like-minded individuals – Use the search feature on Instagram to find, follow and engage with people in your industry. You can also join LinkedIn groups and create Lists on Twitter.
  9. Join or Create a Facebook Group   –  Facebook’s targeting capabilities and reach is still unmatched. Build a community around a specific topic (e.g., side hustles, mom entrepreneurs, travel, etc.), advertise your services and provide resources to help your network via Facebook groups.
  10. Launch a podcast, Vlog or radio show – Podcasts are an easy way for your audience to listen to your content on the go. They can also help you build a more personal connection with your followers.  If produced consistently, a podcast may present several opportunities to attract media attention and even monetize your shows with major brands like Prudential or Quickbooks.
  11. Develop a clear and unique selling proposition –If you’re working in a saturated industry, one of the best ways to set yourself apart is to develop a formula which helps simplify a process for people. My friend Gwen Jimmere, is the founder of NATURALICIOUS, a line of natural hair care products sold in Wholefoods. She’s created a simple system called the OooLaLocks Hair Box that does the work of 13 products in only four steps. In turn, she’s saving her customers time and a ton of money
  12. Create an online course – In addition to positioning yourself as an expert, building an on-line course helps you build your audience.
  13. Create actionable content— Content includes tips, how to’s, lists,  short video clips, and anything that appeals to readers challenges and emotions, etc.
  14. Provide expert advice or responds to Q&A’s on forums — Sprinkle your super powers around the Internet by joining industry related discussions and responding to questions via  Quora and industry specific forums.
  15. Update your LinkedIn profile & portfolio –  Showcase your work, and build credibility in your industry by using Linked in’s portfolio feature. You can also publish your own posts directly to the platform.
  16. Become a contributor for an online news publication – When I transitioned from employee to entrepreneur,  I had little to no online visibility. Becoming a contributor for publications like Black Enterprise, Diversity Woman Magazine and Forbes Travel Guided helped me grow a following on Twitter and Instagram.
  17. Participate in a Twitter Chat –  Connect with influencers and get the word about the value you bring to the table by participating in Twitter chats.
  18. Create an effective email signature –  includes a link to your website and social media networks. You can also include a short catchy tag line about the problem you solve for your particular audience or you can include projects you are working on.
  19. Launch an email or social media challenge –  Engage your audience and build your email list with contest and challenges.
  20. Publish articles on Medium – Medium is fairly a new platform that connects people, stories, opinions, and ideas that matter to you, and it has a huge reach.
  21. Ask your family and friends to spread the word about your products and services. Yep, it’s just that simple.
  22. BONUS Tip – Organize an event series where you can share your expertise and people can begin to see you as an expert in your industry.

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