2015: My Year in Review

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20155 in review_whiteHappy New Year’s Eve! The devil was busy this week y’all.  Isn’t it funny how we can allow one bad thing to erase all of our accomplishments? I almost let my stinky little attitude stop me from writing my 2015 year in review, but as always I talked myself out of the devil’s office and—I won!

Anywho, I’m so ready for 2016. On the one hand, 2015 has been an emotionally draining journey—I’ve had 2 major deaths in my family. I’ve learned some harsh truths about a few friends, which has led to the demise of our relationships. And a failed business relationship, which is currently in litigation. But on the other hand—I’ve had some incredible WINS which has prepared me to take my life’s work to a whole new level next year.

Let’s start with my perspective on relationships. Watching someone live their last days on earth, then sitting at a funeral and reading their obituary is painful and mind blowing, yet it’s an incredible opportunity for you to put things in perspective: Have you discovered your why? What are you allowing to steal your joy and waste your time? Are you creating something that will outlive you?

A few harsh truths about friends forced me to embrace my purpose even more. People can be a distraction or your downfall, so choose wisely. Know your worth and demand respect. Anyone who doesn’t get that— doesn’t deserve a seat at the front row of your life. Kindly escort them to the back row of your theater or directly out the door. Closure is a personal decision, not a mutual agreement—so when people show you who they are, believe them— and move on.

Now on to the stuff that makes me say wow—that happened.

I helped clients turn their vision into reality by helping them amplify their brand voice on social media, and implement strategic marketing communication campaigns. And I wrote a ton of content (e.g., press releases, media kits, sponsorships decks, articles, etc) to help them raise awareness about their businesses.


In the midst of juggling clients and family demands, I interviewed some ahh-mazing badass women—you know, the rebels, revolutionaries and rulebreakers: the women who said ‘eff’ society’s rules. The women who are unapologetically risking it all to create a life on their own terms. They’ve mastered the habits of success, created their own fairytales, and making an impact around the world,—and I love them for it. The cherry on top is that I’ve landed those interviews in print and online for Black Enterprise.


I also snagged a few interviews with some incredible male entrepreneurs & changemakers such as Violinist Damien Escobar, Chef Eric Adjepong (pictured above), Art Collector Eric Edwards (pic below) and NFL Sports Agent Rob London–all on a mission to change the conversation about the role black men play in our society. With the recent attacks on black men happening around the country, I am so proud to be a part of the BE Modern Man campaign–shout out to the creator: Kelly Pierre-Louis.

Eric KJ Sis_retouched

In August 2015, I hosted my first Kandid Conversations event in Brooklyn, NY and landed Heritage Wine Brand as my sponsor. And I talked kandidly about why I said eff the rules in 2013, and I even spilled the tea on how MESSY my life had been, but I still managed to create my own lane–Look at God.

While working the red carpet at the Pailey Center to Honor African-American Achievements In Television, I interviewed Cicely Tyson—Yasss y’all Cicely Tyson!

I nailed an interview with Grammy Award Winner Chrisette Michelle, and Jill Marie Jones, my favorite actress who played “Tony Childs” from the sitcom, Girlfriends.  Then I snagged another interview with the first female president of Malawi and a slew of other interviews with celebs and influencers. Beyond interviewing, I ‘ve had the opportunity to host international events in NYC, and even had my own time to shine on entrepreneurship and media panels at NYU and  NABJ. And of course, I did a little business traveling to some cool places such as  Miami, Las Vegas, and St. Croix —and yes I got work done.

Oh and I can’t forget about that time I danced my a** off next to Gayle King at the Russell Simmons Art for Life event in the Hamptons. That night, I think we both sweated our hair out.

Whew—ya girl was busy this year!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.14.27 PM

But most importantly (drumroll please), I’ve made a positive impact in the lives of others. I’ve hosted forums at Delaware State University to empower students to forge their own path. Conducted countless mentoring sessions with young women and men. And worked with Girls Going Global to select 15 young girls for our 2016 summer program in Belize!

Because my life is not about gaining more ‘likes’, followers or, even more money (but don’t get it twisted, the bills got to be paid and I need more stamps in my passport) –it’s about helping people to find, own, and live their truth and inspiring people to see the world beyond their own backyard.

So here’s the thing: I don’t have a New Year’s resolution. I simply want to do a better job at being me. Have a safe and happy New Year!

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