Kandia Johnson Interviews Power Women for Black Enterprise

Lessons From Power Women

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Kandia Johnson Interviews Power Women for Black Enterprise
Maybe it’s my insane curiosity or outright nosiness, but the questions “How’d you do it and Why?, drives me to scour the globe searching for power women who refused to fit into a conventional box of titles and degrees. As a Global Contributor for Black Enterprise, I get to interview women on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal brand development. Regardless of their career, age, or background, these women relentlessly create their own opportunities.

From a woman looking to rebrand Africa as a market for luxury brands throughout the world to a fashionable marketing maven leading global business solution at Facebook, they all rejected the status quo and rewrote the rules for success.

I have to admit, sometimes while I’m listening to their inspiring stories of courage, triumph and success, I say to myself “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that?” But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from trailblazers it’s that none of them were born saying “I’m going to change the world.” It all started with a decision to move beyond their circumstances.

So to give you a glimpse into the lessons I learned from power women, here are some rules they live by:

  1. They create more than they consume.
  2. They just don’t make a profit, they change lives.Lilian Ajayi
  3. They have a point of view.
  4. They remain curious and ask questions, and ask for what they want.
  5. They don’t create followers, but more leaders.
  6. They are unapologetic about their passion for their craft.
  7. They are confident and believe in themselves.
  8. They are relentless, disciplined and focused.
  9. They create strategic partnerships
  10. They are mavericks at turning messages into movements. Their brands are more about the message and less about them.

Remember, nothing changes, if nothing changes. So, what will you do today, that your future self will thank you for? Which of these lessons do you need to put into action right now?

If you want to know more about their aha moments, check out my Power Women series on BlackEnterprise.com.

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